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7 Steps to Outlining Your Novel (When You're NOT a Plotter)

A pantser is someone who, "flies by the seat of their pants," meaning they don't plan out anything, or plan very little. ~The Magic Violinist,
The Write Practice: The Pros & Cons of Plotters & Pantsers
I'm a hardcore pantser. I've never been much into outlines, and when I try to write one, I fail miserably. I have a half-decent idea of where I want my story to go -- but how do I get there? I've tried storyboarding. I've tried the synopsis method. I'm currently reading Randy Ingermanson's How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method (and am beginning to realize that it just won't work for me).

The thing is, I need an outline. It's been one of my goals to write and finish one by the time summer roles around, so I can make some serious headway on my WIP. So this Tuesday, during my lunch break, I pulled out my favourite notebook and began taking a few notes. By the time I was finished, I had seven steps for outlining your novel... w…

Mini-Hiatus Notice

Good morning, Dragons!

I overlooked a couple things while writing last week's post saying that I should have something new up, this week. Between test week (yelp!) and some family coming over for the weekend, I don't think I'll have a real post up until next Saturday. My apologies. Hopefully, once school's out, both the free time and brain power required to write an actual post will be present... somewhat. 😉

Have a blessed day! (And hopefully I'll see ya'll soon -- for real-sies, this time. 😁)


No Post This Week

Hello, Dragons!

It's been a bit of a crazy week, so I'm taking a break from posting, today. Lord willing, a regular post should be up again next Saturday!

Have a happy weekend!


April Wrap-Up

Good morning, Dragons! *waves* *yawns* I'm really tired... which may or may not be from staying up late during our congregation's gospel meeting (but yes, oh yes, it's been so worth it). (Lord willing, more on the meeting during the May Wrap-Up. 😉 )

I got a new laptop. My old one, Nameless (*coughs* Yeah, I never really thought to name him...), went kaput, so I got a new one named... *drumroll* D'artagnan! And I'm in love. A half-decent camera, a working disc drive, great speakers, and a six- to twelve-hour battery life... *sighs dreamily* ❤Thirty-four days until summer! *straightens bowtie* 😏Our congregation had a bonfire a couple weekends ago! I meant to grab my camera on the way out the door, but... I forgot. *shrugs*My grade gets a week off from school, soon! *cheers* We're one of the only grade levels that doesn't have SBAC testing (thank God), so, even though there'll be a bit of homework, still -- no classes!I memorized the Unit Circle... -…

Regarding Common Core (From a High School Student & Math Tutor's Perspective)

(First off, my apologies for this post coming so late. The past week has been somewhat hectic...)

On the Thursday a couple weeks ago, I got a job. One I was positively thrilled for. I was going to be an Algebra tutor.

The pay was perfect. The hours were perfect. And, at the time, it seemed definite that this was established as "my" job, and it would last into the summer.

Spoiler alert: It didn't.

Monday afternoon, last week, -- my first day -- I sat down with my student at her family's dining room table. I was expecting something a bit challenging; the mother had warned me that the work was all Common Core. It turned out that the week's work revolved around SBAC testing -- yup, that hideous, ginormous, online-but-you're-not-allowed-to-use-scratch-paper state test.

I spent an hour at the girl's house, staring at some of the problems. The phrasing didn't make sense. What they wanted didn't make sense.

There was one question that asked for the distan…