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How to Outline Your Novel in a Day


The story of my NaNo success always seems to look like this:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. Though she knew that it was fast-approaching, she also forgot (probably because she wanted to avoid doing an outline). You see, this little girl was a plantser, meaning that she loved to pants, but she needed to plot. And so, when the first day of NaNo arrived, she ran around screaming and calmly ignored the task that lay before her. "I'm outlining," she told her friends, when they inquired after her delay (in truth, she thought she was outlining; she still worked hard at school and Life™, and outlined once or twice a week). Eventually, the month ended, and the little girl had yet to write a single word of her NaNo project. And so she ran around screaming and calmly ignored what had transpired. 
Sound familiar? I AM TOTALLY THAT LITTLE GIRL, BTW. If you've ever been that little girl (or …

OCTOBER // Blog Tour, Interview, Sneak Peek, & Giveaway

Today, I'm absolutely ecstatic to be featuring author J. Grace Pennington on the blog, sharing her book October! October (properly titled, given its release month; don't you think? πŸ˜‰) releases tomorrow, and I've got an interview, excerpt, and giveaway to share with y'all! But first...

For Emily Baxter, life is simple. Her world is made up completely of school, church, and the community in the small farming town she calls home. All that changes one fateful Sunday, when a new girl shows up at Pleasanton Baptist -- a girl unlike anyone Emily has ever seen. A girl with long red hair, crystal green eyes, and style and posture like royalty.

A girl named October.

The months that follow are filled with magic -- the magic of ordinary things, of finding pictures in the stars, of imagination and a new sense of beauty. But as time goes by, Emily begins to sense that her enchanting new friend may have secrets that could break the spell. Is Oct…

6 Steps for Luring Your Readers Into Emotional Investment

Hey-hey, Dragons! I promised a new post and now HERE IT IS. I actually managed to do it during the same week as the PSAT and a college info night, so BE PROUD OF MMEEEE. (JK, it's okay to not be proud... I'll just heap a load of dishonor onto you, your family, and your cow -- no biggie. 😜)

Today, we're talkin' emotional investment.

Have you ever cracked open a book to find the characters so dull and boring? Maybe clichΓ©, too? Perhaps the writing's fantastic, -- maybe even the best you've ever read -- but you just don't care?

Now, have you ever opened a book to find that you do care? Like, a lot? Have you ever found yourself so obsessed with such a book that you daydream over it in class? At work? On the way to the grocery store? This is called emotional investment. And congratulations, my friend, because whether you want to be this invested or not... you are, now.

You can have a fantastic world. You can have a brilliant writing voice. But ultimately, what…

HEIRS OF TIRRAGYL // Blog Tour & Guest Post

So I totally missed writing last Saturday's post (I've really not been great at keeping up with my blogging schedule, lately, have I?), and I deeply apologize! School™ (yaay) has been quite the emotional taxation time-snatcher as of late, but Lord willing, I'll work on loading my cargo back onto the railroad this weekend. πŸ˜‰
Today, we're celebrating Heirs of Tirragyl -- Joan Campbell's new release, and the second book in The Poison Tree Path Chronicles! You can learn more about book one, Chains of Gwyndorr, on Goodreads. πŸ™‚ Now, about book two...

Love live the queen...?
` Since birth, Nyla has shared everything with her twin brother -- royal tutors, the right to the throne of Tirragyl... even their soul. Many believe it wholly belongs to Alexor and should be returned to him regardless of the sacrifice -- Nyla's death. However, her future isn't the only one in question.
A threat looms over the kingdom. The influential Lord Lucian…

ONCE UPON A PRINCESS // Blog Tour, Interview, & Giveaway


Today, we're going to be discussing princesses. And the tale of Sleeping Beauty. And overall, THE EPICNESS OF IT ALL. Today, I'm proud to be sharing about C.S. Johnson's Once Upon a Princess saga!


"I have better things to do."
"Like what?" Rose asked. "Waste your life on a fool's journey, under a silly girl's orders?"
"I have never considered saving your life to be the same as wasting mine, Rosary." He came and stood in front of her, the ease of his presence replaced by an unusual heat rather than familiar warmth. Rose had never before been bothered by the six inches he stood taller than her, but all of a sudden the shadow of his strength imposed itself on her. 
The cursed beauty of the moonlight revealed the clarity and sharpness of his eyes as she gazed up at him. "What if you did waste your life though? What if?"
"If I have wasted my life, I have wasted it on yo…