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Liv K. Fisher is a Christian author, actress, blogger, and nerd. She never outgrew her obsession with unicorns, and, when she isn't writing, she enjoys Celtic music, reading, gardening, baking, wandering forests, and studying mythology. Liv resides in the chaparrals of southern California, where she lives with her parents and two dogs. She currently does not have any published works, but she hopes to, soon, and writes often.


Storytelling began at an early age for Liv, but she was twelve years old when she wrote her first full-length novel, and it was not until her junior year in high school that she began to seriously pursue publication. She is currently writing The Scent of the Stars, a fantasy-esque space opera she hopes to independently publish in 2019.


Like any child, Liv always had dreams of taking to the stage. In her freshman year of high school, that dream came true when she found herself cast as Rikka (as well as several small side roles) in the MEA Theatre Company's December 2015 production of The Snow Queen. Since then, she has been cast as Princess Pamina in the company's March 2017 production of The Magic Flute, and as a general cast member in their April 2017 miniature production of Matilda: When I Grow Up. In October 2017, she was promoted to MEA Theatre Company president.


Liv adores interacting with fellow readers, writers, and actors! Though her schedule is rather busy at present and she does not foresee public signings/speeches in the near future, she expects to accept these opportunities once her debut novel is published. She invites interested parties to contact her then.

To visit Liv's event page, click here.


You are welcome to reach out to Liv either at this website, or any of the following:

If you would like to contact her privately, please fill out and submit the form below.


  1. Heyyy! I'm Paige, I just stumbled upon your lovely blog and have been enjoying reading about you!! You sound like a cool person ;D

  2. Ooh. Celtic music! :D Which songs do you like best?

    D.G. Snapper |

  3. So neat to learn a little more about you, Liv! That's great that you're pursuing acting and writing! I hope to read your books some day!! :D

    By the way, I tagged you for The Liebster Award, if you're interested! :)


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