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To read my award-winning short story from Speculative Faith's 2017 Winter Writing Challenge, click here.


// cover not final.
Genre: sci-fi/thriller

Edition: novel

Series: none

Status: draft one

Goal: publication in 2019-2020

Synopsis: Run, for fire is coming.

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// cover not final.
Genre: high fantasy / medieval fantasy

Edition: novel

Series: The Banshee Chronicles (book one of four)

Status: draft three

Goal: publication in 2021

Synopsis: There is a thin line between rejection and royalty.


// cover not final.
Genre: high fantasy / fae mythology

Edition: novella

Series: none

Status: draft one

Goal: publication in 2020

Synopsis: Love between a mortal and a Faerie is such a wickedly dangerous game.


  1. These look SO cool. If you are ever in need of a beta reader, I love helping fellow writers as much as I can. :) God bless!!! ~John 3:16~

    1. Thank you so much, Rebeka!!

      When one of my stories is (finally) ready for beta reading, I'll be sure to let you know. <3

  2. Where or how did you do those covers? I like them. I plan on publishing books at some point, but I didn't know how I would do the covers.


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