Sunday, February 25, 2018

SAVORING SINGLE by Shelley Black // Blog Tour & Giveaway

HELLO, MY DRAGONS! Today, I'm dropping by to share a new devotional from author Shelley Black at WestBow Press -- Savoring Single.

In the midst of the month of Valentines and chocolates and moonlit walks, February can be a lonely time for the single girl... or any time, really (it doesn't have to be February, does it? 😉).

Shelley's book presents a new perspective on singleness, especially for Christian girls: enjoy life and a freedom from romance... and savor being single. 💓

(Be sure to read this whole post! A little dragon told me that there's a special giveaway near the end. 😉)


Why savoring single? Because you were meant to enjoy it!

Finding purpose, knowing love, and experiencing adventure aren't reserved solely for the married girls! You can enjoy a full and vibrant life even while being single. It's also a perfect time to partner with what God wants to develop in you through this once-in-a-lifetime part of your journey! Girl, being single is okay. There is a purpose for it, and it won't last forever. So savor it!


Shelley has kindly offered to give away four signed, paperback copies of Savoring Single to four different winners! This giveaway ends March 3rd, so be sure to enter below!

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Thanks to Livy Lynn (Crown of Beauty Magazine editor + author of Regal Hearts and Tales of Tarusella) for coordinating this tour! Christian authors, if you'd like to book your next tour with Livy, give her a shout at!

Dragons, have you entered the giveaway? What's your advice for embracing singleness?


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Laurie Lucking on Writing // Guest Post + COMMON Blog Tour & Party Invitation

HULLO, MY DEAR DRAGONS! Today, I am absolutely ecstatic to be a part of the launch team for Laurie Lucking's debut novel, Common!

Laurie is a sweet soul I met online through spec fic writing groups and mutual friends, and when I learned that she was releasing a novel with L2L2 Publishing, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. 💗 Without further ado, Common...



Only one person knows of the plot against the royal family
and cares enough to try to stop it -- the servant girl they banished.

Leah spends her days scrubbing floors, polishing silver, and meekly curtsying to nobility. Nothing distinguishes her from the other commoners serving at the palace, except her red hair.

And her secret friendship with Rafe, the Crown Prince of Imperia.

But Leah's safe, ordinary world begins to splinter. Rafe's parents announce his betrothal to a foreign princess, and she unearths a plot to overthrow the royal family. When she reports it without proof, her life shatters completely when the queen banishes her for treason.

Harbored by an unusual group of nuns, Leah must secure Rafe's safety before it's too late. But her quest reveals a villain far more sinister than an ambitious nobleman with his eye on the throne. Can a common maidservant summon the courage to fight for her dearest friend?


I never planned on being a fiction writer. Although I've dreamed up stories for most of my life, I never thought to write them down. So when I became a stay-at-home mom and needed a creative outlet, the idea of writing a book felt like it came out of nowhere.

It started as a hobby. I didn't know if this strange new obsession would even last the week, so I just had fun writing whatever events or conversations I came up with. Eventually those blossomed into more and more scenes, until the entire storyline took shape. When I decided I had so much written that I may as well complete the book, I went back through, drafting transitions and filling in the gaps. The editing process required a huge overhaul to make the story consistent and to improve the pacing and character development.

You'd think when I started my new project (what is now Common), I would've learned from that first experience and taken a more organized approach. Nope! I did the exact same thing, writing whatever scenes inspired me and letting the story grow organically from there, leading to another major editing overhaul.

It's not pretty, but at least for now, it's how I operate. And I don't see that changing any time soon. Because as dysfunctional as my process is, it’s what makes writing fun for me.

When I first get a story idea, it's a vague sense of two main characters, where they start, a few major conflicts, and where they end up. So I'm somewhere in between the plotter and panster extremes. The idea of outlining makes sense logically, but for some reason I seem to need to actually start writing and exploring the plot and characters before I can fill in the details of how they'll get from point A to point B.

And then there's a fact that I'm now the mother of two very active little boys. When I had one newborn I was looking for something to do, now most days I'm just trying to keep up. I only get to write a few times a week, and I have to carve out those opportunities. When I try to discipline myself to write the next scene in the story, regardless of whether I'm excited about it, the results are often a low word count and frustration that I used precious time to accomplish so little. So instead, as much as possible, I write whatever I'm excited about. The scene that keeps playing itself over and over in my head until I can get it down on paper. Even if that happens to be the second-to-last scene and I’m only halfway done with the manuscript. 🙂

My editing stages will likely continue to be painfully thorough, but if that's what it takes to keep me moving forward and enthusiastic about my writing, then it's a risk I’m willing to take! And I can always hold on to the dream that maybe next time I'll finally get my act together :)

How about you? Does your creative process look anything like mine, or do you manage to stay more disciplined? Has your approach changed over time?

Thank you so much for inviting me to visit and share about myself and my writing!


An avid reader since birth (her parents claim she often kept them up late begging to hear just one more story), Laurie Lucking discovered her passion for writing after leaving her career as an attorney to become a stay-at-home mom. She writes young adult fantasy with a strong thread of romance, and her debut novel, Common, releases in 2018 from Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing.

Laurie is the secretary of her local ACFW chapter and a co-founder of, a blog for fans of clean young adult speculative fiction. A Midwestern girl through and through, she currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and two young sons. Find out more about Laurie and her writing by visiting


Laurie and her publisher are hosting a delightful online celebration the day after Common releases! February 15th, from 6 - 8 PM PST, join the fun on Facebook and dive into a night of games, prizes, and trivia, featuring guest authors Michele Israel Harper and Jebraun Clifford!


Thank you so much for sharing your writing process with us, Laurie! And congratulations on your first release!! 💕

Writers, what does your writing process look like?
Readers, have you pre-ordered Common, yet?


Friday, February 9, 2018

BookBurn Candles from Author Ivy Rose // Launch Blitz

Hello, Dragons! Today, I'm delighted to be handing the stage to my sweet blogger friend (and one of my favorite authors!), Ivy!

Ivy, take it away! 😄

Hey everyone! I'm Ivy Rose, the author of The Old River Road and Left to Die, and I'm excited to be announcing my newest bookish endeavor!

Doesn't everyone love a flickering candle that smells like their favorite book? I know I do! I'm excited to finally be opening my Etsy shop, BookBurn Candles.

With scents inspired by literary classics, authors, writers, and readers alike will love these adorable candles. Bookish candles make fantastic gifts for all book enthusiasts.

BookBurn Candles are made with natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and essential oils, making them as allergy-friendly as possible. They are available to purchase on Etsy.

Who in your life needs a bookish candle? (Is it you? That's okay, too. 😉)

Follow BookBurn Candles on Instagram for the first look at new scents and special deals!


Ivy Rose is a young novelist with a passion to create beautiful fiction. Armed with a desire to make scenarios readers can easily relate to, she writes in many genres about ordinary individuals faced with extraordinary choices. As a chronic illness warrior, Ivy eagerly encourages others to find joy no matter what the circumstances. In her free time, she loves dancing, playing music, or enjoying various outdoor activities in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for sharing, Ivy! 💗

Readers, you can check out Left to Die on Amazon and Goodreads, and purchase The Old River Road (ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER 😉😍😍😍), or add it to your TBR. The Old River Road's sequel, Along the Riverbank, is releasing later this year. 🙂

Dragons, have you read any of Ivy's books? Which bookish scent do you hope to find in her shop?


Friday, February 2, 2018

WHITE WOLF & THE ASH PRINCESS by Tammy Lash // Blog Tour, Interview, Excerpt, & Giveaway

HULLO, DRAGONS! Today, I'm popping in to share an interview with Tammy Lash (author of the White Wolf series), and an exclusive excerpt and giveaway! Stay tuned; first, here's White Wolf & the Ash Princess... 😉


Eighteen-year-old Izzy's limited world begins to feel cramped after she completes her self-appointed book dare. After reading two-hundred-and-fifty books, a thought that had been once tucked away as tightly as the books on her library shelves becomes too irresistible to ignore... "Who am I?"

Memory loss prohibits Izzy from remembering her life before age seven when she was injured in a fire. Jonathan Gudwyne and his head housekeeper rescued her and took Izzy in as their own, but who did she belong to before they took her in?

Crippling panic keeps Izzy from wandering beyond the stables but Tubs, the Gudwyne's young stable boy, encourages Izzy to go beyond the property's rock wall to a world that promises possible answers, but also great danger. A scorched castle in the woods and a mysterious cellar filled with secrets sets Izzy on a path to the New World, where she will not only have to face her own terror but face the people responsible for her scars.

It is here, in the untamed wilds of the seventeenth century that she finds love and a home in the most unexpected of places.


Hi, Tammy! I'm so, so excited to have you here! 😄 First off, would you mind introducing yourself? Sun, rain, or snow? Coffee, cocoa, or tea…?

Hi, Liv! Thanks for having me! Hi, everyone! My name is Tammy Lash. I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. I have two adult kids: Kelsey, twenty-four, and Austin, nineteen. Ryan is the last to be homeschooled and he's seventeen. My husband and I will be married twenty-eight years this March.

Sun, rain, or snow? That's a tough question! It's a toss-up between rain or snow. I love the sound of the rain and especially thunderstorms, but I also love the look of snow and the snuggly feeling I get when I crash on our couch with my wolf blanket and coffee. *GAG*! I hate tea, so tea will never be my beverage of choice. Cocoa is yummy but my fav is coffee.

What inspired you to write White Wolf & the Ash Princess?

My husband and I have spent over twenty years in children's ministry. I've always told stories -- I just never felt "smart" enough to write them. I sat in on Austin's homeschool English course, One Year Adventure Novel, and it gave me the courage to start writing. Writing with my son also gave me someone to be accountable to. 

White Wolf & the Ash Princess is a love letter to my husband, to my family, and to girls like me who have suffered abuse. White Wolf is a fulfillment of a promise. It's a way for me to find and help girls like me that I prayed to reach as a little girl. I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed me to share my story this way. It has been an amazing experience to watch the Lord work and to see His hand in every aspect of the book. I am thankful for the past that He wrote for me. White Wolf wouldn't be here if it weren't for my beautiful scars.

Are there any authors who had a major influence on your writing?

Laura Ingalls Wilder was a favorite growing up. Suzanne Collins, and Lois Lowry are my two current favs.

If you could travel to any fictional, bookish land, where would you go?

I'd like to go to Narnia. I'd visit Mr. Tumnus (James McAvoy) and ask him to cry for me. He's number one on my list for "best crier" and would be the coach for any actor that would ever play Jonathan. (LOL! Watch the guy cry and you'll see what I mean!)  After getting awed by Mr. McAvoy's tear ducts, I'd sneak over to the home of the White Witch to snatch up some Turkish Delight. The stuff is pretty good!

Thank you so much for your time, Tammy!! 💙


Tammy lives in Lower Michigan with her husband and her three children. Izzy's home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Munising) is where she and her family enjoy exploring. Tammy enjoys hiking, kayaking, beach wandering, "hunting" for birch bark, and hopes to someday find a porcupine quill. White Wolf & the Ash Princess is her first novel. She is published in Keys for Kids and has been in children's ministry for over twenty years.


"None of that girl stuff while you're here," he scolds with a point, but his face softens when he gets a good look at me. "What's wrong? You don't look right."

"I'm kidnapped, bloody, and look like a boy, that's what's wrong," I say too hot to produce the tears that I usually have at this point in my outbursts. I regret my sting instantly when I see how truly concerned Jonathan is.

I don't want to be here. I want my bed. My body aches and my eyes feel swollen. I swat his hand from my forehead but it's without the energy that I had just moments earlier.

"Mercy sakes, girl!" he barks as he slides his off his jacket. "You're burning up!"


Tammy has kindly offered to host a giveaway with three different prizes! Readers may enter here, or in the widget below.

Thank you so much to Tammy for answering my questions! And a huge hug and thank you to Victoria @ Ruffles & Grace for putting this tour together!

Are you a writer? Have you read White Wolf & the Ash Princess?