Friday, December 8, 2017

LITTLE WOMEN Read-Along // Week 2 // Chapters 12-23

WEEK TWO IS HERE, Y'ALL!!!! If you happened to miss week one, you're more than welcome to check it out here. 😊

To be honest... I'm kinda behind. On my own read-along. IT'S EMBARRASSING. (But I am on week two's reading, so I'm not terribly far! 😉) Anywhozens, pardon me if this week's questions don't cover all of chapters twelve through twenty-three. I'm tryin', folks. 😀


I am completely LOVING this story! Here are my responses to last week's prompts:

1. Favorite quote: "...But, dear me, let us be elegant or die!" (chapter three). 😜

2. Which March sister am I? I think I'm a mix of Jo and Meg. I love romance and elegance (like Meg), but I'm a writer and rather clumsy person (like Jo).

3. Pink ice cream, white ice cream, cake, fruit, or French bonbons? YES, I'LL JUST TAKE ALL OF IT PLEASE THANK YOU.

4. I want to DAAAAANCE. (Let's ignore the fact that I can't actually dance. *shrugs and stalks off to indulge in more of Mr. Laurence's sweets*)

5. So this question was totally the first thing I thought to ask! But it felt so complex by the time I spilled it all out, I decided to save it for the end. 😉 I really relate to Jo in this regard. There are so many things guys can do that girls can't! But I totally love being a girl, too; pretty clothes, slumber parties, read-a-thons... 💜


Same as last time: feel free to answer all or any of the following questions. 😄
  1. In chapter eleven, the March girls experiment with doing nothing for a day (and it totally doesn't work 😛). If you could have a day free from undesired obligations (i.e. school, work, etc.), what would you do (while still remaining productive)?
  2. In chapter twelve, Mr. Brooke begins to show Meg special attention. Do you ship it or "rip" it? 😉
  3. Chapter thirteen opens with Laurie's "unprofitable and unsatisfactory" day. Have you ever had a day that was positively dull/unproductive? If you ever feel that sort of day beginning, what do you do to remedy it?
  4. Still in chapter thirteen, the March girls journey to a hill to "sew, read, cone, draw, or do all at once". If you could bring anything (wireless!) and go along with them, what would you bring/do? Why?
  5. Further into the chapter, Beth, Meg, Jo, and Laurie discuss Heaven. What do you imagine Heaven to be like?


Next week, we'll start volume two to discuss chapters twenty-four through thirty-five! (Hopefully, I'll be back on track by then!) 😁

Any favorite quotes? If you've read ahead, do you have any suggestions for next week's discussion prompts?



Due to unforeseen circumstances, the remainder of the Little Women read-along has been cancelled. I'm so, so sorry, my dear Dragons! I feel SO bad that weeks three and four aren't happening. 💔

I still plan to continue reading Little Women, and I hope you do, too! If you'd like to share your thoughts on chapters twenty-three+ with me, feel free to discuss them in the comments, below.

Again, I am so, so sorry about this! I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 💖

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  1. Welllll I'm really behind on this now. :P I want to continue, and I definitely want to finish the book by the end of the year, so I'll be dropping into the updates once I'm caught up to those check points. xD


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