IT'S MARCH, MY FRIEND. A month of BIG THINGS. Liiiike me turning eighteen + also mY 5-YEAR BLOGIVERSARY??? *screams*

My original plan had been to do a super duper HUGE blogiversary post for y'all (because 5 EPIC years!), but... school. College is hard, my friend. Thus far, not bad -- but it is hard. This also happens to be exam week at my high school, SO. I've just got a giveaway. But I hope you love it. ❤

    // the details2 winners:1 will receive a $5 Enchanted Fandom gift card + 1 will receive a $5 LitJoy Crate gift card.Winners must be willing to send me their mailing address (which I promise I won't share with anyone) so I can send them their card!US only. As much as I wish I could open this up to my international friends, too, I am a student... and thus I am poor πŸ™ˆEntries close March 30th. My goal is to contact and announce winners on April 3rd.This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Enchanted Fandom or LitJoy Crate. (But if you're curious about …


HAPPY MARCH, DRAGON! (Can we please talk for a moment about how all of a sudden it's March?? WHERE DID FEBRUARY GO??? Please let me know if you find him. I think he ate my post schedule.)

I promise that, God willing, I'll have my January (& February 🀦) Highlights posts up soon, but first, I wanted to give you a quick update and share THREE SUPER EPIC ANNOUNCEMENTS (!!!).

     announcement no. 1

I'M IN A PLAY! And not just any play -- but my last one with the MEA Theatre Co.! *sobs* 😭😭😭

The MEA Theatre Co. jumpstarted my acting "career." In 2015, they launched their first production, giving a shy, insanely awkward + quiet fourteen-year-old (me! ✋) a chance. I was Rikka (and a couple extras) in their 2015 production of The Snow Queen, Pamina in 2017's The Magic Flute, a cast/choir member in 2017's Matilda talent show performance, and now, I'm the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

This production is SUPER exciting (but also bittersweet!). It…

2019 Book Releases I 110% Want to Read! (I Say as My TBR Sneaks up Behind Me with a Chainsaw)

WHAT'S UP, DRAGONS?! May your Thursday (yes, I'm a day late πŸ™ˆ) be superb and your TBR be restless because I HAVE A POST THAT IS GOING TO MAKE YOUR TBR WEEP.

Did we read all the books we wanted to, last year? NO. Do we want to make our TBR cry every night 'til it begins plotting our murder?? YES. (The correct choice, obviously. Life is more interesting that way.)

SO. Here are a TON (you're welcome) of 2019 releases I'm SUPER PUMPED for.

(To visit a book's Goodreads page, you can click on the cover.)

Without further ado, LET'S JUMP IN.

A   S K Y   F O R   U S   A L O N E B Y   K R I S T I N   R U S S E L L

T H E   G I R L   K I N G B Y   M I M I   Y U

W H I T E   S T A G B Y   K A R A   B A R B I E R I

W I C K E D   K I N G B Y   H O L L Y   B L A C K

D R A G O N   P E A R L B Y   Y O O N   H A   L E E

E C H O   N O R T H B Y   J O A N N A   R U T H   M E Y E R

S T A I N B Y   A . G .   H O W A R D

C I R C L E   O F   S H A D O W S B Y   E V E L Y N   S K Y E