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SINKING by Sarah Armstrong-Garner // Book Review + DRIFTING Blog Tour

Good day, m'dear Dragons! Today, I'm delighted to share a book review (and some other pretty cool stuff 😉) in honor of Sarah Armstrong-Garner's latest release, Drifting!

I had the honor of reading and reviewing Sinking for this tour, and let me tell y'all... IT'S QUITE THE ADVENTURE. 😻 I won't fangirl too much (that's what the book review's for 😉), but you get the idea -- IT'S AWESOME. Without further ado, here's Sinking...



Jocelyn washes up on the shore of eighteenth century Ireland, alone, naked, and missing all of her memories. Taken in by a lonely old woman full of plots and schemes for the lovely yet enigmatic creature, Jocelyn knows only one thing. She longs for the sea with every ounce of her being. Yet it tried to kill her.

Aidan Boyd loves two things. His ship and the sea. When Jocelyn is thrust upon his vessel in the midst of his superstitious crew, he finds himself intoxicated by her -- willing to give up everything for her. He soon finds he cannot live without her.

But something holds Jocelyn back. The whisper of another's love. The embrace of water. Does she belong to this world? Or could Jocelyn possibly be from the sea?



The adventure continues...

Jocelyn plunges into the ocean near Calcutta, India, thrown overboard by a man claiming it's the only way to save her life. As she sinks, the transformation begins, and the ocean welcomes her back into its embrace.

Aidan Boyd thought the only way to save Jocelyn was to give her back to the ocean, but now he's not so sure. Aidan doesn't believe in mermaids, but he can't explain the way she changed. Will he see Jocelyn again? Or has he condemned her to a watery grave?

Jocelyn drifts in a world she'd forgotten only to find she's hunted by a deadly force from the ancient city of Thessa, the reason she was hidden in the world above. But she cannot get Aidan out of her head. Was what they shared real? Or was it a fantasy brought on by her unconscious need to seduce a human?

Both Aidan and Jocelyn begin a desperate and dangerous journey to discover the truth... and hopefully each other. But will their love be enough?



Jocelyn can't remember a thing -- not even her real name.

When she wakes up on the shores of eighteenth century Ireland, beaten and battered by the ocean waves, she is taken in by a widowed noblewoman... but the lady might have plans of her own.

THIS BOOK, Y'ALL. Mermaids, Ireland, sci-fi trinkets, and the 1700s? Sign me up!

The characters were all so realistic, but Aidan... *swoons* I don't think I've ever read of a male hero quite like him!

Jocelyn was fascinating. It was so interesting watching her grow from a naive yet bold little heroine to a strong and courageous young woman!

I loved the adventurous aspect of this book! With twists and turns aplenty, Sinking makes for a thrilling new read! Travel from the British Isles to India and across the ocean; be prepared to set sail on an epic journey through stormy seas and still waters -- you'll be gripping the edge of your seat!

You may want to know: I'd recommend this book for ages 16+, due to some implications, mild violence, and rather steamy kisses (which were a bit beyond my comfort level).

Goodreads and Merikthorne Library reviews forthcoming.


Sarah Armstrong-Garner lives in Northern California with her husband and three children, and get this: not only is she an author, screenwriter, and photographer, she also shoots indie films with her husband. You can visit to learn more about her and her upcoming releases.


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Dragons, have you read any books in The Sinking Trilogy? If you were a mermaid, what color tail would you have? (Mine would be blue!)


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