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10 Ways to Conquer the January Blues

HAPPY WEDNESDAY, DRAGONS! I hope your week is going splendidly! 😘

I have a confession to make: January + February = my two least favorite months of the year. I mean, in February, there's Valentine's Day (although I prefer to call it Singles Awareness Day), but also in January there's just that sense of BOOM! The holidays are over, work/school's starting back up, get your gold together because you have resolutions to make and all those Christmastime pajamas to wash. *shudders at the thought of laundry*

Like, January + February should be exciting, right??? It's the start of a new year! Nature has basically handed you a pen and provided you a fresh sheet of paper that's just itching to tell a new story.

So when all that post-Christmas, post-New-Year's gloom is upon you, where do you start? Well, never fear, friend! Your Liv is here and ready to share ten of my FAVORITE ways to conquer the January blues.

H A V E   A   G O A L

We all need a little something to strive for. It doesn't even have to be HUGE and GINORMOUS: it can be something as simple as exercising every day, reading more books, adding some words to your novel-in-progress, starting that next semester of college. All you need is an idea: a destination that motivates your inner train to keep going.

S T O P   M A K I N G   T O - D O   L I S T S

No, no, don't run away! I promise it's not as crazy as it sounds. 😉

There are few things as depressing as seeing a to-do list with only one or two tasks marked off. So take this new year opportunity to finally ditch those to-do lists... and replace them with calendar-blocking.

Calendar-blocking is similar to a to-do list -- but instead of having a long list of tasks to check off, you have a schedule, with certain periods of time set aside for each task. Not only will this encourage you to get your work done much more efficiently, but it also provides a more realistic view of just how much you can get done in a single day.

Abbie Emmons (a.k.a. the productivity QUEEN) has an EPIC video all about calendar blocking (and how to use Google Calendar to do it)! Check it out:

L E A R N   T O   H U S T L E

Productivity is not my natural state (is it anyone's?). If left to my own devices, I'd procrastinate until I got everything done last-minute... that is, until I learned how to hustle.

This one comes back to calendar-blocking (which is honestly something I can't recommend enough!). Keep it simple: have goals for what you want to accomplish each day -- and a reward for when you get them all done (🠜 need ideas? See tips #4-10!).

"Hustle" means "hurry." And while you don't want to move through your tasks socrazyfast that you do a rush-job, you do want to be done early, so those tasks can be completed. Finished. Sealed. So you can get on with your life! 😉

One way to be done sooner? Wake up earlier.

We all have a point in the day at which our brain tires and our performance level decreases. Wake up early enough that you beat the sun and the rest of the world. Take this time to eat a hearty breakfast, send the Lord a prayer, and start slaying those tasks. And to make sure you receive plenty of sleep, head to bed a little earlier, too!

P L A N   A N   A D V E N T U R E

Adventures give us something to look forward to. So make plans! It can be later this week, later this month, later this year -- just be sure to treat yourself to an event you'll anticipate.

A R R A N G E   A   C O F F E E   D A T E

I'm an introvert, but I'm also a firm believer in the power of socialization. God gave Adam a companion for a reason: few things lift the spirits quite like being near to good people. So arrange a coffee date with someone or invite a friend over for dinner and a movie! We're all human; we need people and we need community. Take advantage of this to cut a small section out of your week for a fun afternoon, and spend it hanging out with an old friend or new acquaintance!

T A K E   A   C R E A T I V I T Y   C L E A N S E

Just like community, everyone needs a break, too. Set aside a few hours each day to relax, refresh, and recharge. Hop off the internet. Enjoy a shower. Read a book. Brain-dump in a diary. Take a nap. These small moments will not only help you cure and avoid burnout, but also keep your creativity continuously refueled.

D O   S O M E   E A R L Y   S P R I N G   C L E A N I N G

Do you ever get home from work, look at your room, and just think, UGH.? I believe that a messy environment makes for an exhausted mind. So, if your room/kitchen/house/apartment is a mess, take some time to clean it up! This can be anything from setting aside ten minutes each day to devoting a weekend to a thorough deep-cleaning. Take care of your spring cleaning early; you'll thank yourself later. 😉

H E A D   O U T S I D E

Fresh air and a little quality time with nature can cure much of mental restlessness. Head outside! Even if it's just a couple minutes. Take this time to soak in the silence and further immerse yourself in God's handiwork. 💗

T R Y   S O M E T H I N G   N E W

Let me begin by saying: trying something new ≠ picking up a new hobby or leaving an old one behind (unless you want/need to, of course!). It can be anything from exploring a new genre of music to listening to a new podcast while you work (I like listening to Motivation2Study when I bullet-journal!). Find a new TV show (I recommend Jonna Jinton, Tina Sosna, and all things green on YouTube!) or discover a new book series (feel free to tweet to me (@livkfisher) and ask for recs!). Try a new style of tea! Take a hike in the woods! Even something as simple as switching up your routine. Embrace the New Year with change, if for no other reason than to humor yourself.

S T A Y   H E A L T H Y :
M E N T A L L Y ,   P H Y S I C A L L Y ,   &   S P I R I T U A L L Y

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! When I'm eating healthier and exercising more, I notice a huge improvement in my overall attitude -- and not only that, but in how I feel physically, too!

Eat your greens, friends. 😉 Exercise. Read your Bible. Keep up with God. Your body, mind, and soul will be grateful. 💓

Throw those post-holiday feels to the wind! Take it up a notch and give an EPIC, VIKING-STYLE SHRIEK WHILE YOU DO IT! 😉

The truth is, the January blues are hard. They aren't fun. My prayer for you is, if you're suffering, your burden grows lighter and your trust in Yahweh grows greater. 💖 If you ever need someone to talk to, my DMs -- here and on my social media -- are always open!

'Til next time, Dragons, stay awesome and live boldly! 😘


What's your favorite time of the year? Have you ever gotten the January blues? Do you have any tips for getting over them?


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  1. I love this!! I know for me especially in the January/February months I have serious seasonal affective disorder, so this is really encouraging! Thanks for this, Liv! ^_^


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