Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I Wrote a Piece of Flash Fiction??? || THE COMMISSION by Liv K. Fisher


It's finals week for me (YAAAAY 😬), so this post is a bit of a rush job, but anywhozens, I WROTE A SHORT STORY. (Or flash fiction, if you want to get technical. 😉) It's 314 words (less than half-a-page) with a medieval fantasy feel. You can credit the opening sentence to Rebecca @ SpecFaith, who's hosting her semiannual writing challenge. This was my entry (which I tried to submit, but all my browsers LOATHE me right now, so it's either (A) not submitted at all, or (B) submitted 1044756705 times + totally spamming the submissions section. I'm hoping it's A rather than B! 🤞)... I can't wait to share it with you!

Without further ado, The Commission...

B Y   L I V   K .   F I S H E R

The guard would never let me enter if he knew what I was planning. Even if I weren’t Queen.
A lone trickle sounds somewhere in the distance and hesitant footsteps fall, light and near against stained wood. From the depths of the shadows comes the scarlet hem of a soldier’s coat, followed by the gleam of his bronze buttons, until at last I can see his face.
He bows, low and steady. “Your Majesty.”
“Where is Njӧrður? Did you leave him lurking in the dark?”
I hear a canine growl. I hold my breath; the floorboards shift. Then I see the edge of an enormous boot behind Friðrick, and I realize Njӧrður’s been there all along.
I exhale to expel a small ghost of fog.
“Ah, I see.” I face Njӧrður. “You may wait outside, Friðrick. Njӧrður will fill your post.”
I see Friðrick glance at Njӧrður, silent. He looks back at me and bows again. “Very well, Your Majesty.”
He trudges past me, up the stairs; I’m silent until I hear the door swing shut. Then I relax.
“The whole of the prisoners?”
Njӧrður growls: “All asleep, save for her.”
Thank you.
With that, I shove past him. I run. My slippers creak against the platform, and, for a moment, I’m afraid this aged wood will shatter, but then I see her.
I see my salvation.
I see my son’s.
She’s withered away, huddled in the far corner of her cell--
“You were the eldest?” Her voice is thin and wiry.
“Yes, of the twelve dancing princesses.” I glance behind me. “I need your help. Do you still have magic?”
“My son’s the prince. He needs a wife.”
“Every man needs a wife, child.”
“He needs a humble, kind, brave girl.”
“My dear,” my Fairy Godmother says, “I know just the one.”
She waves her wand; glass slippers appear.
“Trust me.”

Be sure to stop by SpecFaith and read everyone's entries! (I'm 99.9% sure mine's not there. 😂🙈) They're all AMAZING. 😍😍😍 AND, if you haven't entered the challenge yet, GO DO THAT! Submissions close Sunday night.

'Til next time, Dragons, stay awesome and live boldly! 😘


Do you enjoy reading flash fiction? Have you ever written any?



  1. OooOOOOhhhh! All the fairytale goodness. That ending gave me a THRILL. Now I'm sooo curious about everything that's going on. I loved this! It totally hooked me!

  2. I LOVE flash fiction, both writing and reading it! And I absolutely adore this piece of yours! SO GOOD. My fairytale-loving heart is both very happy and very intrigued. :D

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

  3. AAGH This was amazing, Liv!! Flash-fiction is so FUN! ^_^


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