Sunday, March 3, 2019

this march... {THREE EPIC THINGS}

HAPPY MARCH, DRAGON! (Can we please talk for a moment about how all of a sudden it's March?? WHERE DID FEBRUARY GO??? Please let me know if you find him. I think he ate my post schedule.)

I promise that, God willing, I'll have my January (& February 🀦) Highlights posts up soon, but first, I wanted to give you a quick update and share THREE SUPER EPIC ANNOUNCEMENTS (!!!).

     announcement no. 1

I'M IN A PLAY! And not just any play -- but my last one with the MEA Theatre Co.! *sobs* 😭😭😭

The MEA Theatre Co. jumpstarted my acting "career." In 2015, they launched their first production, giving a shy, insanely awkward + quiet fourteen-year-old (me! ✋) a chance. I was Rikka (and a couple extras) in their 2015 production of The Snow Queen, Pamina in 2017's The Magic Flute, a cast/choir member in 2017's Matilda talent show performance, and now, I'm the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

This production is SUPER exciting (but also bittersweet!). It's adapted and directed by Erin Peterson, and will feature original songs, a gorgeous set, and, of course, quite a lot of whimsy. ✨

I'll be sharing the role of the Cheshire Cat with four amazingly talented young actors, because-- Dragon, OUR CAT IS HUGE. And I absolutely can't wait for you to see it!!

Showtimes are:
  • March 12th, 6:00 PM (Tuesday)
  • March 13th, 4:00 PM (Wednesday)
  • March 14th, 6:00 PM (Thursday)

If you think you can make it, I'd absolutely love for you to come!

Interested? Comment your email for further details! I'll keep that comment unpublished + send you an email with all the info. 😊

     announcement no. 2

I'M HOSTING AN ONLINE WRITERS' RETREAT! It's called #WIPobsessed and you can post for it on whatever/whichever social media you want! My goal is for this to be a chill three days of writing: March 25th-27th, choose your own time, your own terms, and your own goal. Then, share a quote, a selfie, an update -- whatever you like!

I'm super pumped for this and I so hope you can join me! 😘 Who knows? Participating might even earn you extra entries in an upcoming giveaway... 😏

     announcement no. 3

MY BLOGIVERSARY IS COMING UP! My original plan was to let it slip by without a celebration, but after a word with the darling Ashley Townsend, I'm thrilled to say that THERE WILL BE A GIVEAWAY! Keep an eye out (& participate in #WIPobsessed for bonus entries!)! My plan is for it to drop the morning of March 20th -- but you'll want to hurry! 'Cause it'll end the night of the 30th!



do you think you'll make it to alice in wonderland?
will YOU participate in #wipobsessed?



  1. That is so awesome that you're in Alice in Wonderland!! I've always loved that story, and the Cheshire Cat was always my favorite! ;)

    Ooh, this writer's retreat sounds amazing!! I'd love to join, if I can manage! :D

    And YAY for blogiversaries!! And oooh, a giveaway! How fun!! ^_^

    Sounds like March is going to be a wonderful month for you!! <333

  2. #WIPobsessed sounds so fun! I will have to see if I'll have time then to participate! :D And ooh, happy blogiversary! SO FUN. Giveaways are awesome and so are you and so is Ashley Townsend so basically ALL THE YES. ;)


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