Wednesday, May 22, 2019

hello, may!



Hiatus was super helpful (BUT I MISSED YOU!!!!). Your favorite dragon/unicorn/fox/human-bean hybrid (yours truly) did not have quite as productive an April as she'd hoped, BUT SHE RESTED. (AND BRO, DID SHE NEED IT.)

I took a grand total of 0 pictures this month and a part of me feels like I should've planned my hiatus for this month instead of April because LOL this month I had AP and state exams, three presentations, two final projects, a school party, and a mini vacay to mid-Cali to see the Bestie, BUT THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON. (I'm honestly convinced this is God telling me what blogging during college will look like.)

SO. On with the recap, shall we?

L I F E    I N    A P R I L

➸ So my April was insanely boring??? I feel like the entire month was JUST HOMEWORK??? (AND THAT MAKES ME SAD.) But there were some pretty awesome moments thrown in there, too. 💗 Like...

➸ Joining NetGalley!

➸ Going to see Unplanned with some fellow church peeps. Which was awesome in a way, but also REALLY SAD. That movie made me cry. It was so real and raw and heartfelt and honest and well-done and basically the sort of movie everyone needs to see. If you haven't seen Unplanned, go watch it, okay?

➸ Taking an advanced driver's training course. TAUGHT BY RACECAR AND SECRET SERVICE DRIVERS. Um, ALL THE YES. (It's called B.R.A.K.E.S. and was super informative and actually kinda fun?? I gave a speech on it last week (a.k.a. presentation no. 3) so YEAH.)

➸ OUR WASHING MACHINE DIED! That was not fun. We have a new washing machine, now. His name is Tolbert.

➸ I made an appointment with a college librarian and she taught me how to navigate the library website and gave me fantabulous pointers for my speech class so if you ever have the chance to make an appointment with a campus librarian DO IT. They are fountains of knowledge and basically magical ninjas who destroy research problems and THEY ARE SO AMAZING, OKAY???

I finished leading our congregation's women's study! IT FEELS BITTERSWEET but also was a lot of work? I loved leading it, but I'm also glad to return to attendee-status! 😉

➸ My writer-classmate and I got together for pizza and story talk and IT WAS THE BEST DECISION. I 10/10 recommend getting together / meeting up with friends on a regular basis.

➸ My parents and I hosted a church bonfire at our house AND I discovered that caramel Ghirardelli on smores is kind of THE best decision ever???

➸ I failed Camp NaNo. That felt inevitable this time 'round.

➸ I have 8 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL! 😍😍😍

➸ ALSO, there's this:

^^ *insert screaming here* ^^

F A V    R E A D S

Redwoods & Whales by Phil Joel // ★★★★☆ // BASICALLY a guidebook to growing up... and a book that everyone needs to read. This book's message is incredible and life-changing and SO, SO GOOD.

A P R I L    G O A L S    R E V I S I T E D

➸ Focus on school + getting ahead ::

➸ Write speech no. 3 :: Technically finished this month, but shhhh.

➸ Prep May's blog posts :: Ish? We'll say yes.

➸ Conquer Camp NaNo [reach 20k on Ignis] :: A MASSIVE NOPE. I feel like this deserves its own announcement and blog post and everything, but I've come to realize that God might be calling me to set this story aside for a time. There's a story (This Thundering Sky, which you can learn more about here!) that has stolen my heart FOREVER. I've been struggling with Ignis for years, but finding SO MANY new ideas for This Thundering Sky that I'm starting to believe this might be the story God WANTS me to work on. So I guess I have a new WIP??

➸ Tidy my room :: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NO. School took way too much priority this April.

➸ Take more moments to read + breathe ✌ ::

M A Y    G O A L S

➸ Finish tidying + rearranging my bedroom LAIR

➸ Catch up on responding to blog comments

➸ Revive my Facebook page & readers' group

➸ Clean out my email inbox

➸ Finish my college class

➸ Submit the last of my homework and essentially FINISH HIGH SCHOOL????


Abbiee announced HER DEBUT NOVEL!!!! It's called 100 Days of Sunlight and I'm SO PUMPED to read it! 😍 Keep an eye out here for a review and launch tour post!

Morgan L. Busse's new book in The Ravenwood Saga -- Flight of the Raven -- is HERE!

Nadine Brandes's novel Romanov is OFFICIALLY released into the wild! It's my current read and is absolutely AMAZING.

Kate @ The Goodness Revolt announced the final book in her Blood Race series, Resurgence!

Jonna Jinton is moving to her dream farm! I'M SO EXCITED FOR HER. 💖

*collapses in exhaustion* I'm SO ready for school to be over. 👍

what did your april look like, dragon-friend?
do you have any exciting news to share?


  1. Seems like a good month! I haven't written anything in awhile either, so your not alone on that.
    I think if one book idea is really inspiring you, you should go for it.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Here's hoping we can both find the time + inspiration to write soon <333

  2. Very late to this but I wanted to say congrats on all of the accomplishments! I also saw Unplanned. It’s definitely an intense film. Took me a few days to get over it. XD


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