Thursday, June 1, 2017

FIVE POISONED APPLES // Creative Writing Contest & Cover Reveal

{Banner background by Picography, from Pixabay. Cover images recovered from Rooglewood Press.}

Dragons, it is with great pride and deepest pleasure that I welcome you this fine Thursday morning, to present Rooglewood Press's fourth and final Five Something Somethings contest! Now, without further ado, may I present...

...a tale so dark and lovely...

...retold by five unique authors...

...of whom you just might be one of...


{Image provided by Rooglewood Press.}

Eeep, I'm so terribly excited for this Snow White retelling contest! And that cover is SO gorgeous! It just might be my favourite, yet! And I happily have several story ideas brewing... 😉


The cover -- Like the covers for Five Enchanted Roses and Five Magic Spindles, this beauty was done by Russian artist Julia Popova. The model -- who also happens to be a photographer! -- is named Wynter Clark. A fitting name for a Snow White collection, don't you think? 🙂

The contest -- Rooglewood Press requests that contestants write a recognizable retelling of Snow White, preferably one with a happy ending; however, it is also requested that authors do not merely retell the Disney version.

The prizes -- The prizes are quite large and spectacular, this year! The five winning authors shall each receive:
  • $125 in cash
  • The opportunity to work one-on-one with the Rooglewood Press editors, to polish and perfect his/her story
  • An individually designed title page within the collection, one that matches the story
  • An author bio within the collection, including personal links
  • The opportunity to feature advertisements in the back of the collection for his/her other published works
  • A print copy of the collection
  • The collection in an audiobook format


1. I'm a minor -- may I still participate?

Certainly! You need only add your parent/guardian's signature in approval.

2. I write under a pen name. May I use that?

Yes!! There is a space on the submission form specifically for the contestant's pen name!

3. When is the deadline for my submission form?

The deadline is December sixteenth, 2017.

4. When is the deadline for emailing Rooglewood Press my story?

The deadline is December thirty-first, 2017.

5. When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on April second, 2018.

6. When will Five Poisoned Apples be published?

Five Poisoned Apples will be published in ebook format and print in December 2018. The audiobook will come to follow.

7. May I submit more than one story?

Yes, indeed you may!

8. If I don't win, do the rights of my story revert back to me?

Happily, they do! And many of the authors who were not selected have gone on to publish their lovely stories individually!

9. Is there a submission fee?

Yes. For each of your Snow White retellings you choose to submit, you must fill out a separate submission form and include $10 with each one.


And now, because I am a sentimental being, here's a little tribute to the Rooglewood anthology winners of times past --


Elisabeth Brown ~ What Eyes Can See

Emma Clifton ~ Broken Glass

Rachel Heffington ~ The Windy Side of Care

Stephanie Ricker ~ A Cinder's Tale

Clara Diane Thompson ~ The Moon Master's Ball


Kaycee Browning ~ Esprit de la Rose

Savannah Jezowski ~ Wither

Jenelle Leanne Schmidt ~ Stone Curse

Dorian Tsukioka ~ Rosara & the Jungle King

Hayden Wand ~ The Wulver's Rose


Rachel Kovaciny ~ The Man on the Buckskin Horse

Kathryn McConaughy ~ Guardian of Our Beauty

Grace Mullins ~ The Ghost of Briardale

Michelle Pennington ~ Spindle Cursed

Ashley Stangl ~ Beyond the Tomb


{Image provided by Rooglewood Press.}

So! Do any of you Dragons plan to participate in the final creative writing contest? Are you excited for this year's theme?

Also, a quick note: Due to all the busyness of finishing up school (and finals! *shrieks*), there will be no post this Saturday, and my May wrap-up will be moved to sometime in the middle of next week.



  1. I'm so excited! Eep! I have the greatest idea ever, and I think it'll be wonderful!

    1. Florid, I'm certain it will be!! Best wishes to you on the contest, this year!! <3

  2. Eeekkk! I LOVE it! :D So very pretty!

  3. IT'S SO PRETTY! :D Loved your post and tribute to the past ones. ;) Awk, I'm getting all nostalgic! :P Loved the first two collections, and while I haven't read the third one, I did write a story to enter for it, so it's special to me too! I'm glad to hear you have some ideas! :D Best of luck to you on wring one, Liv! <3


      And aw, now I'm getting all nostalgic with you! *sniffles*

      Thank you, dear!! <3

  4. I'm so very excited!!!! I have an idea all planned out and I just have to write it . . . it's going to be FUN! :-)

    1. *cheers* Yaay! Your story is going to be AWESOME, Jessica!! <3

  5. Such a good post! I love how you made it so beautiful.

    1. Oh, thank you wisdomcreates! You're too sweet! ^_^


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