Wednesday, November 22, 2017

For This I'm Thankful...

Tomorrow, THANKSGIVING DAWNS. It's the time of year when my mom and I are hard at work in the kitchens, preparing (vegan) chocolate pies, pumpkin pies, sweet potato casseroles, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gluten roasts, boiled carrots, and toasted corn. It's the time of year when my dad does one last run-through of the house, with a vacuum cleaner in one hand and a feather duster in the other. It's the time of year when my grandparents arrive to stay with us. It's the time of year when IT IS OFFICIALLY SPARKLING CIDER SEASON. *cheers* To celebrate, I wanted to share just a few of the things I am thankful for...

• I'm thankful for the Lord. I'm thankful to be created by a God -- the God -- Who is so merciful and kind although we are so undeserving. I'm thankful that, although He is a God of justice, He loves us and offers us His grace.

I'm thankful for my parents. I'm so thankful for your constant love and support and encouragement, and all the times you've stayed up late with me to help me with school, editing an essay, or finishing a science project (thankfully, that last bit hasn't been too often *winks*). 💗

I'm thankful to live in the United States. True, our country is very, very messed up... but we are oh-so-blessed for the freedoms we have.

• I'm thankful for my church friends. I'm thankful for the people in my life who lead me deeper into faith, drawing me closer to our Savior.

I'm thankful for my school pals. All our afternoons of pizza, Pre-Calculus homework, and moaning over test grades make high school just a little more bearable. 😉

• I'm thankful for my teachers. My teachers make school worthwhile; here's to all of you who strive to truly educate your students, with all your extra office hours, your reasonable negotiations, and your deadline extensions.

• I'm thankful for my pets. Sweetie and Belle, you have brought such joy to my life! And Bob, Raz, Jackie, Sunnyhead, and Arnold, -- frogs, hamsters, and moth-friend -- you taught me so much.

• I'm thankful for my writing. Creating worlds, tearing them down; giving life, taking it away... all with twenty-six letters and a handful of punctuation marks. 😁

I'm thankful for theatre. Two years ago, I decided that maybe -- just maybe -- I would audition for the MEA Theatre Company's first-ever production... I had no idea the journey ahead of me.

• I'm thankful for books. Through books, I have traveled to worlds unseen; through books, I have found identity; through books, I have found true love (*coughs* I don't CARE if Will from Rising Shadows is a fictional character -- he's MINE! 😜).

• I'm thankful for unicorns. Whoever decided that horses should have long, rhino-esque horns protruding for their foreheads... thank you.

• I'm thankful for rain. True, it's a rare event down here in SoCal... but when it rains, I am happy.

I'm thankful for holidays. Birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgivings, New Years(-es?), Independence Days, Halloweens, summers... anything for further time spent with friends and family.

I'm thankful for my writing/blogging buddies. I'm so, SO thankful for my chances to connect with you, to find friendship online, at coffee shops, at book signings, at meet-ups... 💕

• I'm thankful for my future. True, I don't know what's coming, and I may not like it when it first arrives... but I'm thankful to know that God has me in "the shadow of [His] wings".

I'm thankful for authors. Here's to all of you! You ALL inspire me.

I'm thankful for #RealmMakers2017. My first writers' conference, and hopefully not my last! Though I don't expect to make it to Missouri next year, I'm hoping to be there in 2019!

• I'm thankful for Rooglewood Press. Each Rooglewood Press fairytale retelling contest has taught me something, and I cannot wait to see what y'all have in store in the years to come!

• I'm thankful for all my readers, followers, subscribers, and supporters: that's right, I'm thankful for YOU. Whether you're here for the first time, or you've been a long-time comment-er... you have encouraged me. You have inspired me. You have supported me, when I had absolutely no idea what to do next! Thank you, dear reader. 💖

Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I read this just after I published my "Thanksgiving" blog post, and a lot of your points are the same! I promise I didn't copy, haha. 😁 I guess we're both grateful for a lot of the same things!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


  2. Loveeddd reading what you are thankful for!!! Great post <33

  3. Awww man I love this list <3 Rain though, it's seriously the best. Also, I didn't know you act too! Your blog is beautifuuuuuul :)


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