Monday, November 20, 2017

If I Had a Royal Wardrobe // Regal Reads Blog Party!

HELLOOOOO, DRAGONS! Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to be sharing my first ever fashion post, in honor of Livy Lynn's Regal Hearts blog party! If you haven't chatted with Livy yet, YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. This girl is an amazing human being and has such a sweet heart! 💖 You can connect with her pretty much anywhere: her blog/website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Goodreads. 😸

The prompt I selected for my post today is all about princess fashion. BECAUSE PRINCESSES + FASHION. What's not to love, right? 😍 So without further ado, I present a small portion of my dream wardrobe... 😁


Because I'm a princess, there are obviously tons of outfits I must wear from day to day. In the morning, after a bath and warm buffet breakfast with the family, court duty calls! My parents and their trusted advisers take their seats to hear the voice of the people. Since this a very serious (yet exciting!) affair, I'm dressed in a light, vintage dress in tribute to the dashing 1960s, but it's decked out in lace and pearls -- complete with a set of blue gloves! -- as homage to the elegant Regency era.


Though studies with the castle tutor are not my favorite, it is something every princess must do. Together, my tutor and I study maths, kingdom histories, ancient legends, language, medical sciences, and survival skills. For this, I wear a Renaissance gown in memory of the revival of the arts.



After my studies and the midday meal, I change into my armor to train with my father's knights. Ever since his reign began, our kingdom has been at peace with neighboring countries. And though -- should the unlikely event of war ever rise -- I'd never be called to the front, I like to be prepared. And it is excellent exercise!


Now that training's over, it's nearly time for tea! So I return to my chambers, take another bath (this time so I can wash my now-sweaty hair 😉), and change into a fun, frilly dress (usually pink, purple, or yellow).



After tea and a fair bit of time to myself for writing and Bible-reading, I change into some even more exciting clothes! This is where I like to have lots of fun! I undo my standard braid, restyle it into something more adventurous, and choose a sleek, velvety gown to wear throughout dinner and the minstrel's post-supper entertainment.



Sometimes, during Easter, summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve (or a family birthday), my parents will host a ball! My mother has ballgowns specially tailored for this, with poofy skirts, unlike my typical evening wear. This is one of the few chances for me to wear my tiara, as well!



After a long, tiring, yet lovely day as a princess, I head to my bedchambers and change into my favorite pair of pajamas. A few hours minutes of reading, and I turn out the lights, get some sleep, and prepare for my next day as royalty.


Thank you so much for the blog party and post prompt, Livy! This was a TON of fun to write and put together! 😄

And thank you for reading, dear Dragon! Don't forget to swing by Amazon so you can pick up your copy of Regal Hearts! 💕 If you'd like some tunes to listen to whilst exploring the next five days' party stops, I've already created a playlist! If you're interested, you can find it here on Spotify. 😉 😁

Hey, princess! How would you dress for a day at court? Or an afternoon writing? Or for a night out at a ball?



  1. Oh my goodness, your dresses are all so beautiful!!! <3

  2. OH MY LAVANDER, LIV! This post is just...perfection. I'm in LOVE with your Princess closet, and your writing style, and imagination, it's just...ahhh!
    Thank you so much for being part of the Tour, this post is darling! :D <3

  3. I love this, Liv! Such a fun post!!! :D

  4. Oh my word! Love all the dresses! Great choices!


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