Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Language of Worlds Linkup (New Year's Edition) // January-February 2019

WHAT'S UP, MY DRAGONS? It's been f-o-r-E-V-E-R since our last linkup... because I totally failed at getting the last edition out, and for that I offer my sincere apologies + ALL the cookies in the world! 💖💖💖 Now that I'm finally getting back on the blogging train (see my post about why I've been gone here + my first post of 2019 ft. ALL THE UPDATES here), these little linkup-a-doodles should be out in a much more timely fashion.

I'm SUPER PUMPED to finally be diving back into this with all of you! Sharing this linkup with y'all is so much fun, your support and feedback is so encouraging, and learning about your stories and just seeing the pure, awesome, inspiring creativity behind your characters and storyworlds makes me so incredibly happy! 💕

I do have a couple questions for you, but I'll save them for the end. 😉 Now, on with the linkup!

  • The Language of Worlds (TLoW) is a character linkup tailored to speculative Christian fiction (but other genres are more than welcome!).
  • It's bimonthly -- every two months, a new set of questions releases. This edition lasts from January 'til February, and the next begins in March and ends in April.
  • There are ten questions per linkup, and new ones every time!
  • Anyone can join! All I ask is that you use the graphic (above) and link back here, to my blog (click here for the official HTML).

Without further ado...

  1. In five words or less, how would you describe your character?
  2. When do they see an opportunity for self-improvement?
  3. How do they view themself (good, evil, neutral, etc.)?
  4. Is there a story that inspires them? What is it?
  5. What proverb or quote they identify with?
  6. What does their standard day look like?
  7. When they picture their ideal day, how does it go?
  8. Do they have a favorite memory? If so, what happened?
  9. Where do they see themself in five years?
  10. What is their life dream?

Inlinkz Link Party

Now for my questions for you. 😉
  1. What do you think of this linkup's title? Are you in favor of a different one? If so, any suggestions?
  2. Do you want a new linkup graphic? If yes, what would you like to see in it?

Let me know in the comments below! And if there are any questions you'd like to ask your characters, let me know via this form and I'll see what I can conjure up! 😉

I can't wait to read all your posts! 💞

'Til next time, Dragons, stay awesome and live boldly! 😘


Do you have any suggestions/recommendations for TLoW? What do you want to see, next edition?



  1. Oooh!!! Yay!!!! I'm gonna have to post on a weekend or double post to fit this in, but I'm excited because all of these questions are FABULOUS!!!

  2. I may have internally squealed when I saw this on my dashboard. I LOVE this linkup and am soooo happy it's back! :D Also, these questions are GOLD. Can't wait to do them!

    As far as your questions, I personally think the title is really, really clever. And I've admired the graphic since the first time it appeared. It's sooo aesthetically pleasing! <3 Of course, if you want to change it, that is perfectly fine! But it is really pretty! ^_^

  3. I really like the title and image for this link up. :) Thanks for hosting!


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