Monday, April 1, 2019

blogiversary giveaway winners!

WHAT'S UP, MY FANTASTIC DRAGON-FRIEND?? The day has finally come to announce the winners of my blogiversary/birthday bash giveaway, and I. Am. STOKED. Are you ready to find out who the winners are??? SCROLL DOWN 🎊

The winner of the Enchanted Fandom gift card is...

Cassandra D.


The winner of the LitJoy Crate gift card is...


CONGRATULATIONS, DRAGONS!!!! I'll be sending you each an email so you can let me know where to send your gold. 😉

A GINORMOUS thank-you to everyone who entered and shared about the giveaway! I'm ridiculously blessed by y'all! 😘

Stay tuned for a (long-overdue) Highlights post and Language of Worlds linkup, dropping later this week! And also GET READY for a little post about what I'm doing this April 🤟

stay rad, my dragons!

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